– The Game Builder: Sound Library containing 1600 sound assets for games developed using the upcoming “The Game Builder” Engine. The demo shows some of its sounds, which include: buttons, characters, weapons, fail, win, accents, 8 bit alerts, monsters, robots and many more.

-Magic Spells: Sound Library containing 100 sound assets of magic spells, ideal for fantasy games. This track shows some of its sounds. This sound library can be given on request

-Possibilities was the name of my degree project in sound engineering in 2012. It consisted in a whole investigation of synthesis and recording techniques focused on sound design, specifically apocalyptic topic. This research led to the creation of a soundbank with 100 stereo SFX and 20 5.1 soundscapes.

The investigation can be downloaded here (only in spanish). It can be used for any reference purpose provided corresponding credits are given.

This soundbank can be given on request.